About Scuderia Ferrari Club TORONTO

We are all about people, and about Ferrari passion and culture. Born by the strong passion for Ferrari and established 6 years ago in September of 2013 on the behest of Scuderia Ferrari Club of Maranello, today our Club has been recognized as best Foreign Scuderia Ferarri Club in the World.

Our collective efforts are focused on supporting and promoting the Ferrari Culture and Passion, the Ferrari trademark, together with F1, by educating and engaging in sporting, cultural and social events in the community at large.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honour and perpetuate Scuderia Ferrari Club core values.

Our commitment is to follow Scuderia Ferrari Maranello Club guidelines and regulations, while we promote the culture of Ferrari, across Ontario, Canada and globally.

We believe in diversity, gender and youth engagement and our focus is to grow and unite people sharing the passion of Ferrari.

Our vision is to expand our Ferrari Family together, and welcome many new members, sharing the energy and passion for Ferrari, we aim to be Best Scuderia Ferrari Club in the near future.

It is our responsibility to communicate with our members all the activities taking, new and announcements taking place in Maranello, while keeping open dialog in regards of new ideas, suggestions and feedback that can be beneficial to our Club and others in the Scuderia Ferrari platform.

We value supporters opinions, we listen, and we are open minded.

We are non for profit entity and as such any financial surplus we donate to charitable organizations in our community.

President’s Message Scuderia Ferrari Club – Toronto

Dear Friends, Forza Ferrari!

It has been 6 years since the unforgettable moment when our Scuderia Ferrari Toronto Club was registered, and we emerged together on the journey of sharing the FERRARI passion together. It is my honour and privilege to share with you that each year since 2013 our Club has been awarded as BEST Scuderia Ferrari Foreign Club, and Second Worldwide.

On a behalf of our Members, our Board of Directors, and personally I would like to say :
Thanks a million to each and every one of you Ferrari Family, for trusting us, helping us to grow, and supporting us! We count on you to reach the next destination of our success together!

Our efforts have been recognized over and over again by Scuderia Ferrari Maranello, however we are not stoping here. We like to grow and we like to engage more people. Man and women, children, families passionate about the history of Ferrari, the pursuit of excellence Enzo Ferrari has left as one amazing legacy, and what Ferrari represents to the World, the strongest and most loved Brand.

As we continue developing strong bonds with our Members and the community we have focused our energy and strategies to create exciting events, where we gather together, engage and share the passion for Ferrari. Please visit us at our Club house located at 551 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge for our monthly dinners, or watch with us the F1 while cheering Forza Ferrari!! Or travel with us to Monza to experience the life changing moment of being a Ferrari Fan….

Visit our events page, provide suggestions and feedback, be active with us!

We welcome you to Scuderia Ferrari Club Toronto!

As our Legendary founder Enzo Ferrari said:

“Passion we can not describe …we can only live it!”

Essere Ferrari! Sempre Ferrari! Forza Ferrari!

Antonio Folino
President Scuderia Ferrari Club Toronto